Nuevo bug ESRI. Archivos de Geodatabases creadas en unidades de red quedan inservibles.

Esri ha emitido el siguiente boletín advirtiendo que después de la instalación del paquete de revisiones KB 2775511 en las versiones de Windows 7 SP1 y Windows 2008 R2 SP1 los archivos de Geotabases creados sobre unidades de red compartidas serán inservibles.

Aquí el boletín en inglés:

Bug: NIM090672: After installing Microsoft hotfix rollup KB 2775511 on the client, file geodatabases created on a network share are unusable

Article ID: 41119
Bug Id: NIM090672
Software: ArcGIS – ArcEditor 10 ArcGIS – ArcInfo 10 ArcGIS – ArcView 10 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced 10.1 ArcGIS for Desktop Standard 10.1 ArcGIS for Desktop Basic 10.1
Platforms: Windows Windows 7, Server 2008 R2


File geodatabases created on a network share from a Windows 7 SP1 or a Windows 2008 R2 SP1 machine with Microsoft hotfix rollup KB 2775511 installed are unusable.

An error message referencing the ItemType appears when creating new datasets or items (tables, feature classes, feature datasets, raster datasets, and so forth) in a file geodatabase created under the before mentioned circumstances.

For example, the following message is displayed when creating a new feature class:

“Failed to create feature class.
The item was not found. [ItemType:

For more information on this specific Microsoft hotfix rollup, please review the article in the Related Information section below.

Esri is currently working on a patch to mitigate this issue.


This issue is still under investigation.


There are several workarounds for this issue:

• Create the file geodatabase locally before copying it to the network share. Note that this workaround is not applicable when creating raster datasets.
• Check with your organization’s IT team to see if your organization’s security policies permit uninstalling or disabling the hotfix rollup, according to the guidelines specified in the link below.
• If there is a need to create raster datasets or the patch cannot be uninstalled or disabled, file geodatabases can be created and worked with locally.

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